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Ace was the "Doc" on board the USS Lang from 1975 to 1977.

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Ace Andres was born June, 22th 1958 in Stockton California. He was born in the same hospital the same week as Chris Isaak. It was in 1971 at the age of 15 when he bought his first guitar music book. The Sound track from Jimi Hendrix live at the Monterey Pop festival would play 24/7 at the Andres apartment. His brother had been trained in guitar so Ace had access to guitars whenever his brother was around.

A Tumultuous Childhood

Ace joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 17. Ace enlisted towards the close of the Vietnam war. He was directly involved with the evacuation of Saigon in April 1975 and relocation efforts of those in South Vietnam. He recieved medals and letters of Commendation from Admiral of the 7th fleet for his work above and beyond the call of duty. In the Winter of 1975 Ace was assigned independent duty as the "Doc" aboard the U.S.S. Lang FF1060.

The Early Years

In the late 70's; Ace played with as many San Francisco Bay Area Bands as he could. The most common lineup of band mates was Claude Kramer on Drums and Mark Johnson on Bass, and sometimes Wayne Litz on Bass, Mark Bias and Richard Brehem on rhythm Guitar. In 1978, Ace would record his first single "Still Waiting/I can't love you no more" Both were premature attempts at songwriting and producing. Never the less He would go to LA with demo in brief case. Lesson #1, The music business is 90 percent business and 10 percent music.

Life begins after your 1st Divorce

Not surprising; but following a long and painful 17 year marriage,(and an even more painful divorce) Ace found his 2nd wind. He found an old love (and Passion)"Music" and a new love whom he married in 2001. With a fresh outlook on life, as was playing again on a nightly basis with an all African American band headed by singer/guitarist "Dave Young". And although the experience with Dave Youg was brief (6 months) it gave Ace the drive and determination to become a musician again. At one of Ace's low points in life, He found himself working in a music store. The best part about it was being around quality guitars for 9 hours a day. The bad part about it was making minimum wage and trying to support 2 teenagers. But this gave Ace time to reflect on what was truly important. He had sent Kenny Loggins an email a few years earlier, then in 2000 he asked Kenny what he should do? Explaining his passion and masterful skill of the guitar, yet being in a position of responsibility with kids. Kenny's response was prophetic. He said:"What are you teaching your kids if you don't follow your dreams?" 2001 brought a new band with constant performing, a meeting with Neil Young, and 2002 brought Ace's 1st Solo Album "Cowboy Hat Blues".

The Recording Years

In 2002 Ace had left his band with the outstanding songwriter/Singer "Page Jackson" to record his own music. Having become a better songwriter since 1978, He wrote a blues album about painful divorces and living single again. Although sales were modest, Ace played solid throughout 2002 and 2003 gaining rapid notariety. After promoting Cowboy Hat, Ace and his new Wife bought a house in the North West and relocated to Washington State. They lived in a house that was big enough for a recording studio. Ace invested in his own recording equipment and record his 2nd and 3rd albums at "Aceland" studios in Vancouver. The 2nd Album was a Rockabilly tribute called "Hunka Gyrations". This album has 17 great Billy standards from Elvis' Viva Las Vegas to Roy's Crying. Unfortunately, Ace couldn't afford to release Hunka commercially so it sits in seclusion. The original material that came out of the Hunka sessions, led to Ace's 2nd commercial album, "American Infidel". Infidel tackled the insane issues of 2005 like the murder of Terri Schiavo and the need for a beer with tequila. Infidel recieved "rave" reviews from the Wave magazine and Ace was referred to publically as the Los Altos "Guitar god".

California on my Mind

In 2006 Rhonda Byrnes released an "underground Movie" called "The Secret". This came just at the right time as Ace was reading self help literature at an olympic pace. In April of 2007 Ace and Wife reconciled and moved into a beautiful house in the Monterey hills. This house was built for recording. In early 2008, Ace met a Law of Attraction mentor/blogger named Paul Pitriowski. Paul and Ace became friends. Paul eventually talked Ace into recording music that supported the Movie "The Secret". Paul complained that almost ALL of the new age music was boring Harps and flutes. Why couldn't somebody make some really good pop music that you could sing along with that got you to think about "Intention Manifestation".

7 Secret Vibrations

On July 10th 2008 Ace started recording the first track of "7 Secret Vibrations". The album was completed on September 19th 2008.

Ace Andres

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